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Turkish Scholarship 2017

07:06 pm Feb 07, 2017 358


Dear Rohingya students,

European Rohingya Council would like to announce that we will be enrolling new Rohingya students in the coming academic year as agreed by the Turkish ministry of education.

The scholarship programme will be for the bachelor, master’s and PhD degrees.

The scholarship programme is our continuous effort from last year, when the government of Turkey generously offered during bilateral meeting with ERC delegates and Turkish government officials, to help Rohingya students for their university education. It is our way of advancing education and ensuring that our students are not deprived of the promising future. Turkish education is one of the best. Admissions to Turkish universities are very competitive which requires good scores. We enjoin everyone qualified to enroll in the scholarship programme. We are hoping that this development could help to end the plight of the Rohingya and Rohingya students can advance their careers.

European Rohingya Council wishes everyone the best in your application!


On behalf of The European Rohingya Council

Dr. Hla Kyaw
Email: chairman@theerc.eu

Download PDF for detail informartion