International relation
ERC has been actively advocating for the cause of Rohingya rights at international governmental level. In July 2014, ERC gave a speech on Rohingya crisis in Ireland parliament.

Relation with Rohingya
As ERC believes that collective works by Rohingya community around the world bring more productivity, we are constantly trying to unify the Rohingya for the common causes in spite of differences in opinion and preferences. We established a relation with individual Rohingya community organizations in- and outside Europe.

Relation with EU
As political headquarter in Europe and internationally, EU is one of major players in the cause of global peace and prosperity. In addition, EU is politically engaged in democratic transition of Myanmar. Therefore, we ERC are engaged with EU to pressure Myanmar government to respect human rights and dignity of Rohingya.

Humanitarian work
ERC has been working since its existence to mobilize humanitarian aids with the help of external donors (non-Rohingya) and internal (Rohingya) to the registered and unregistered Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh.

International conference
ERC has been active as an organizer or participants in international conference on Rohingya issue. In May 2015, ERC participated as a speaker and panelist in Oslo conference to end decades long persecution of Rohingya.

Working with UN
ERC has been active with UN to address human rights violation of Rohingya by Myanmar government. In July 2015, ERC has given two oral statements regarding human rights situation of Rohingya to 29th session of UN human right council.

Education for Rohingya
In 2013 and 2014 ERC, has given consultation to many Rohingya students who were to seek secondary education nationally and internationally.

Health Sector
As Rohingya have been victims of decades long state sponsored persecution, they have been suffering from inadequate public health services such health education on personal hygiene, on prevention of infectious diseases, etc. ERC has been trying to help Rohingya since its existence in terms of bringing public health awareness by creating educative short video clips on how to stay healthy and how to care personal hygiene. Some doctors, who are also members of ERC, give online consultation to Rohingya in Arakan state and in Bangladesh.

Media Related
ERC releases statements and update report timely on situation of Rohingya in Arakan state Myanmar and in refugee camps in neighboring countries. So far, ERC has released statements quarterly on situation of Rohingya.

Research and Documentation
ERC is busy with the project of documentation of abuses and oppression against Rohingya in- and outside Myanmar.