Codes of conduct
The ERC staffs abide by the following codes of conduct:


Peace: As ERC believes in peace for all beings, ERC staffs are subjected to be at peace among individuals in ERC and with other people while striving for its goal.


Dignity: As ERC understands that all human beings are dignified, staffs of ERC are under oath of dignity for every human being regardless of color, social status, geographical location, etc. in terms of dealing with each other and with other people as well. Staffs of ERC are in no way allowed to denigrate any fellow human being either in private or public.


Politeness: Politeness in terms of dealing in verbal and written has to be respected and followed by all ERC staffs.


Patience: While striving for the vision of ERC, all staffs and members are said to be firmly upholding one of the primary values, which is patience. The staff of ERC is striving to achieve its goal with patience and perseverance.


Courage: Staffs of ERC have to be continuously working with moral courage.


Respect: Staffs of ERC must respect each other and every human being. Even though ERC is working for the common goal and dream of a vulnerable people, Rohingya, different opinions and individual preferences have to be respected.


Responsibility: ERC staffs are under oath of working in responsible manner. Status of ERC has to be by all means protected. Individual actions in verbal or written can no way be harmful to the status of ERC.


Do No Harm: ERC staffs will never be engaged in any activities that cause any harm to any human being.


Freedom: Freedom of expression and opinion of the ERC staffs and fellow human being have to be always respected and protected.


Justice: ERC staffs are subjected to the value of justice in terms of treating each other with-in and with-out the organization.


Forgiveness: ERC staffs have to be working with forgiveness to each other while striving for the common goal and dream.