Our Vision & Mission

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ERC’s Vision for Future Rohingya in- and outside Myanmar


Rohingya have to live as one of the recognized indigenous distinct ethnic groups of Myanmar, as they were throughout history of Myanmar, with human dignity, and they have to be able to live side by side in harmony with other ethnic groups. They have to be part of productive Myanmar society with equal rights and responsibilities as of other officially recognized ethnic communities. The Rohingya in exile have to be able to return to their homeland to be part of nation building of prosperous Myanmar.


Mission statement


  1. In support of the vision, ERC will strive:
  2. To exert international pressure on the Burmese regime through European governments and international human right organizations to immediately cease the ongoing program of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya minority.
  3. To bring the criminals responsible for the recent genocide against the Rohingya, to the international criminal court of justice.
  4. To seek permanent political & social solution to the problems faced by Rohingyas.
  5. To strive for the restoration of our full fledge ethnic and citizenship right in Burma (Myanmar).
  6. To look for opportunity and dialogue necessary to rehabilitate and integrate Rohingya community into the building of future productive Myanmar.
  7. To engage with national and international community to create opportunity for Rohingya people to acquire quality Education and Health care.
  8. To work hand in hand with other Rohingya and non-Rohingya organizations across the world for the well-being of Rohingya both in Arakan and around the world.