The European Rohingya Council Call on International Community To support Gambia in Genocide Case at ICJ





December 13, 2019

The European Rohingya Council Call on International Community To support Genocide Case at ICJ


The European Rohingya Council Acknowledge Supports of the Gambia, Canada, the Netherlands, Myanmar’s Ethnic Communities and Human Rights Organisations in the Path for Justice and Accountability


The first three-day historic hearing of the genocide case filed against Myanmar by The Gambia has been concluded at the International Court of Justice in the Hague, the Netherlands on December 12.


The European Rohingya Council (ERC) would like to acknowledge and convey the gratitude towards The Gambia which shows strong leadership in the fight for justice. It is the west African nation standing tall amidst the silence of international justice and accountability of genocide against Rohingya.


Canada and the Netherlands which show support towards the genocide case brought by The Gambia, is equally applaudable. Countries with a clear conscience towards human rights and justice should join The Gambia, Canada and the Netherlands as the path to justice and accountability in Myanmar is every nation’s morally-bound responsibility.


Bangladesh, the country with over a million Rohingya refugees shouldering the burden of shelters and keeping hope intact, has shown great resilience while justice and the world’s leaders have all failed to stand up for Rohingya.


Special gratitude is reserved to international human rights organisations namely Burma Task Force USA, Civil Rights Movement (USA), Fortify Rights, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, Parliamentarians for Global Action, Global Justice Center, Justice for All, Rohingya Support Group, Women’s Initiatives, International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), Asia Justice Coalition, Association pour la Lutte Contre l’Impunité et pour la Justice Transitionnelle and many others.


It was also an important moment where diaspora Rohingya has joined in unity for long-awaited justice for the family members, friends, relatives and fellow Rohingya.


The ERC would also like to thank Myanmar’s ethnic communities which have joined “Mass Rohingya Solidarity Rally” in the Hague and have released statements of solidarity with Rohingya prior to and during the hearing.


The Rohingya community is deeply touched by the solidarity shown by Kachin, Karen, Shan, Rakhine and many ethnic Bamar, calling for justice and accountability for the genocide committed against Rohingya. In this historic case, ethnic minorities have come in realisation that justice for Rohingya is justice for all in Myanmar, where Myanmar Armed Forces continue to violate human rights abuses and commit war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.


At the same time, the ERC strongly condemn Aung San Suu Kyi, the agent of Myanmar who has yet again failed to acknowledge the graves crimes committed by the military under her watch. She has also shown the world that she prioritises her political position over human rights, justice and accountability.


Having failed to mention the term Rohingya during her statements at the International Court of Justice, she and her legal team have failed to offer any signs of justice and accountability, instead she has provided denial, defense and whitewashing of crimes of genocide being committed by Commander-in-Chief Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and Myanmar Military.


While over 120,000 Rohingya are still confined to Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in Rakhine State since June 2012; over 400,000 Rohingya in various villages and townships are deprived of basic human rights; and over a million Rohingya in refugee camps in neighbouring Bangladesh are still waiting for justice and accountability, Aung San Suu Kyi shows the world that once again she has failed in her leadership and moral responsibility.


The European Rohingya Council would call upon the European countries and nations from across the world to support the Gambia the way Canada, the Netherlands have done towards the genocide case filed against Myanmar for justice and accountability as provisional measures to prevent and end the genocide reach a critical point.


The ERC also urge international NGOs and human rights organization in keeping momentum in the path to justice and accountability until justice prevails and Rohingya rights restored.


For more information:

Dr. Hla Kyaw

Chairman of ERC


Tel.: +31 652 358 202


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THE EUROPEAN ROHINGYA COUNCIL [ERC] is an Amsterdam based European umbrella organisation in Europe.