About Our History

In June 2012, Myanmar armed forces launched a renewed genocidal operations against Rohingya ethnic group in Arakan. Hundreds of Rohingya people were massacred while thousands of residential and religious infrastructures that belong to Rohingya people were burnt down or destroyed. As a result, more than 150000 people were forced to move out of their villages and relocated to concentration-like camps in Sittwe.

As genocidal operation against Rohingya continues, prominent Rohingya scholars, activists and concerned individuals living in Europe organize an emergency roundtable meeting in Esbjerg, Denmark in 6 – 7 October 2012.

Out of the roundtable meeting, The European Rohingya Council (ERC) was born with a noble mission to serve Rohingya people and to take every possible measures to stop Myanmar’s destruction of Rohingya ethnic people of Myanmar.


Our Vision is Rohingya people live in peace and harmony with other ethnic minorities in own ancestral land Arakan, Myanmar.


Our mission is to serve Rohingya people in the following domains:

  • To take every possible measures to stop Myanmar’s destruction of Rohingya people
  • To take every possible measures so that Rohingya people get back its ethnic and equal citizenship rights in Myanmar
  • To mobilize resources in rebuilding Rohingya community
  • To mobilize emergency humanitarian relief to those Rohingya in needs.


  • Solidarity
  • Transparency
  • Respect
  • Care
  • Justice


The Rohingya people are one of the ethnic minorities of Myanmar with distinct culture, religion and language. Since 1960s, Myanmar military adopted a genocidal policy against Rohingya and started a series of genocidal operations against Rohingya. In 1982, Myanmar enacted a new citizenship law which suddenly makes Rohingya stateless in own ancestral land. The genocidal operations continue until today.