ERC : A call for Alliance and Co-operation of Rohingya


ERC logoDate: 06 November 2015

A call for Alliance and Co-operation of Rohingya

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and compassionate

Our (Rohingya) collective destiny, history and existence are extremely in critical condition. Seriously speaking, we are in danger of “annihilation” stage of Genocide. We all are aware of this. No one listens to the cries of small babies for food just to survive; and to the cries of women to give safe delivery of their babies. The perpetrators of Genocide seem to be determined to come to the end of Genocidal objective. The international community is witnessing Genocide in front of their very eyes doing not enough by exerting ought-to-do moral and legal obligation to end this brutal oppression.

We have been struggling in every mean within our capacities by adopting many models to liberate ourselves from Genocide since it started decades ago. Many attempts have been previously adopted to exert a unified all-in-one movement. However, we could not reduce our pain of Genocide; instead, the pain gains it momentum and reaches the stage of “annihilation” now we are facing. We misunderstood “unity” with “uniformity” and tried to bring “uniformity” in the name of “unity”. The essence of “unity” is exercising all means to reach shared goal- in our case, liberating from Genocide- respecting differences in principles and opinions of individual as an organization or a person. “Uniformity” for example means having same opinion by all, which is not possible in terms of human perceptions because we as an organization or individual perceive the world from different windows and viewpoints.

We, as one of the many Rohingya organizations who are trying to alleviate the suffering of our people, strongly believe that no individual person or organization can “alone” possibly rescue Rohingya from Genocide. The reason is, “our suffering is a collective suffering threatening our shared destiny and existence.” We further believe that each of us as an individual or organization is unique and have to have chance to contribute our uniqueness to this movement. We have analyzed the situation and identified that we really need a way to work in co-operation with different individuals and organizations based on “shared interest” to stop genocidal suffering. Therefore, the team of ERC calls upon all Rohingya as an individual or organization for an alliance and co-operation to end our suffering. It is worth noting that this call is not a call for “uniformity”, but a call for “alliance”, where we respect differences in principles and opinions of individual organization or person.


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THE EUROPEAN ROHINGYA COUNCIL [ERC] is an Amsterdam based European umbrella organisation in Europe.