An emergency appeal to rescue the Rohingya affected by the floods in Arakan State


An emergency appeal to rescue the Rohingya affected by the floods in Arakan State

We, the European Rohingya Council are deeply distressed by the news of the disastrous cyclone Komen that struck Arakan State and its surrounding State, Myawaddy in Kayin State on 31th July 2015. We wish to convey our deepest condolences to the families of Rohingya as well as Rakhine affected by the floods in Arakan State.

We are saddened by the loss of lives and damages to properties and infrastructures and IDPs camps and its surrounding areas.

Impoverished Rakhine State is home to nearly 3.2 million people, including more than 140,000 Rohingya Muslims displaced by communal violence, who live in government-designated camps near the town of Sittwe.

More rains and strong winds moved across the area as tropical Cyclone Komen crossed the Bay of Bengal on 30th of July. Severe floods caused by torrential monsoon rains in western Myanmar and at least 10 people are known to have died, Khine Pyi Soe, the Arakan National Party’s vice president, said.
The worst-hit areas by tropical Cyclone Komen in Rakhine state include the Minbya, Mrauk-U, Kyauktaw and Ann townships, where a total of 463 villages have been submerged, three have been washed away, and the IDPs in Arakan State are now being under water.

As strong winds and heavy rain preceding cyclone Komen swept the Maungdaw coastal area, Rakhine civilians are being evacuated by the authorities and taken to safe shelters. Meanwhile the authorities are totally ignoring the evacuation of Rohingyas in the area.

But In Kyauktaw dozen of Rohingya families have taken shelter in a school which is in danger of being flooded with the increasing water level. Many families are still struck in the flood with no rescue plan or help to bring them to safer place. They are unlikely to get help from the state government due to the ongoing hostilities towards Rohingya in Arakan State.

“Regular transportation is not possible at this time,” and “Victims are waiting for rescue and relief from atop their roofs, but no one can reach them because the water transportation network is broken. Bridges and roads are damaged or are underwater. Water is everywhere. ”Min Ko Naing said.

For the accurate information, the Government of Myanmar was totally aware of where and when Cyclone Komen hits in advance. However, they failed to give any positive signal and precaution to the people of Arakan. They could have evacuated and saved all the affected people to a safer place if they would try. But they didn’t. They just let the victims of Cyclone Komen drown and die helplessly. Till now, they have done nothing. The ultimate plan of the Government is to depopulate the people, especially Rohingya.

We, therefore as concerned Rohingya living in Europe, are appealing the Government of Myanmar and International community, UN, ASEAN and other concerned NGOs to come forwards to undertake an emergency rescue operation in Arakan State; if necessary, with material support from European and ASEAN Nations.

We hope you will listen to our collective cries and cries of the victims of the women, children and disabled affected by the cyclone Komen.

Khairul Amin (Chairman)


For more information please contact;

Khairul Amin + 4792428989
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THE EUROPEAN ROHINGYA COUNCIL [ERC] is an Amsterdam based European umbrella organisation in Europe.