Annual General Meeting and General Election of the European Rohingya Council (ERC), 8th February 2015. Best Western Hotel, Oslo Norway


Date. 10.02.2015

Annual meeting and the General election of the European Rohingya Council (ERC) was held on the 8th of February 2015, at the Best Western Hotel in Oslo, Norway.

Rohingya delegates from different European countries have participated and shared their ideas and views. Responsible members of the ERC have given detail account of their activities and achievements they have accomplished since the formation of the organisation in October 2012 in Denmark while Mr. Zahedul Haque has given the details account of ERC’s financial activities and outstanding balance.

A three/member team, both to conduct ERC’s general election and to act as caretaker authority until a new body is elected, was unanimously named. The teams members are our distinguish guests Dr. Ambia Perveen, Dr. Khubaib and U Hla Maung.

Delegates from each country were give the time to present at least one candidate for the post of council member. After sometime delegates presented the caretaker authority with the names of their candidates. Thirteen Council members from 11 countries of the Europe are then confirmed. Then as par constitution, the council members elected the Chairman, vice-Chairman and a General Secretary.

The elected body with help of caretaker authority has also formed the four different groups to work in the separate fields of their expertise. Additionally seventeen new members from different countries has joined the ERC.

The meeting and the election was finally pronounced successfully concluded and the authority was handed over to the elected body, which will run ERC’s day-to-day activities with utmost honesty, integrity and transparency for a period of two years..

Complete result of the ERC’s election.

Mr. Khairul Amin (Norway) Chairman
U Hla Tin (Denmark) Vice-Chairman
Mohamed Ibrahim (Germany) General Secretary
Council Members:

Sabir Ahmed (England)
U Hla Tin (Denmark)
Mohamed Shahed (Austria)
Haroon Yousuf (France)
Mohamed Ibrahim (Germany)
Hussain Azmi (Germany)
Sayed (Italy)
Zahedul Haque (Netherland)
Khairul Amin (Norway)
Naing Win Zahid (Norway)
Osman Johar (Republic of Ireland)
Abul Kalam (Sweden)
Ayub Chowdhury (Switzerland)
Six Secretariat Groups:

1. International Lobby Group.

Ambia Perveen MBBS, MD
Khubaid MBBS
Zahedul Haque
Abul Kalam
Osman Johar
2. Media & Information.

Haroon Yousuf
Mohammed Rafique
Alisha Binti Hamid
Mohamed Farooq
3. Culture

Naing Win Zahid
Sabir Ahmed
Sha Alam
Towheed Hasan
4. Heath

Ambia Perveen MBBS, MD
Khubaib MBBS
Haikal Monsoor MBBS
Hussain Azmi
5. Treasury and Finance

Zahedul Haque
Hussain Azmi
Sayed Alam
6. Organizing

Salim Asad
Mohamed Naeem
Waris Ahamed

Mohamed Ibrahim
General Secretary
The European Rohingya Council (ERC)


THE EUROPEAN ROHINGYA COUNCIL [ERC] is an Amsterdam based European umbrella organisation in Europe.