ERC condemns Myanmar Government’s brutality against Rohingya

cropped-erc1234.jpgThe European Rohingya Council (ERC) condemns, with strongest term possible, the recent escalations of brutalities and human rights abuses against Rohingya by Myanmar government and extremist Rakhines.
The ERC is astonished by silence of United Nations and international community on indiscriminate killings of Rohingya on daily basis either by Government institutions such as Myanmar arm forces or Rakhine extremist elements. Recently, two Rohingya fishermen identified as Rafique and Farid from Shwezar village, Maungdaw were shot to death by Border Guard Police. In addition, one Rohingya named as Abul Hosein from Sittwe was brutally attacked by Rakhine extremists. He died in Sittwe General Hospital due to medical negligence later on 20 January, 2016.
Following the systematic well-planned pogroms against Rohingya in 2012, Rohingya in their hundreds are kept in internally displaced camps or virtual concentration camps with lack of medical and essential lifesaving facilities. World renowned philanthropist George Soros mentioned the Aung Minglar village in Sittwe resembles Nazi concentration camps in 1940s.
Almost all the Rohingya, who seek emergency medical care such as complicated labors, accident, etc. in Sittwe governmental hospital, rarely come back to their families alive. Sittwe hospital doctors and nurses are infamously hostile and negligent to the Rohingya patients. There is substantial number of Rohingya patients died from “medical negligence.” Rohingya witnesses revealed that Sittwe hospital care staffs including doctors routinely carry out “medical torture” and “medical negligence” on the Rohingya patients seeking treatment.
Therefore, ERC urges World Medical Association to investigate the crimes of “medical negligence” and “medical torture” against Rohingya by Sittwe hospital doctors, and ban Myanmar government from taking part in international medical conferences. ERC also urges international community including UN bodies to investigate daily indiscriminate killing of Rohingya by Myanmar arm forces. In addition, ERC strongly urges current government of Myanmar to take action against Rakhine extremist elements’ brutality towards Rohingya.
Finally ERC is demanding justice and rule of law from the coming new government under National League for Democracy led by Aung San Su Kyi.
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The European Rohingya Council (ERC)


THE EUROPEAN ROHINGYA COUNCIL [ERC] is an Amsterdam based European umbrella organisation in Europe.