European Rohingya Council’s Visit to the Refugee Camps in Bangladesh



The European Rohingya Council is an umbrella organisation in Europe working tirelessly with grassroots level activists inside Myanmar, in the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh and at international level to restore Rohingya’s rights in Myanmar. ERC also works on rebuilding the Rohingya community through education, empowerment and healthcare.


It has been almost a year since the International Independent Fact-Finding Mission called the Myanmar military actions against the Rohingya genocide. The Mission Char Marzuki Darusman warned that the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya who remain in Myanmar still face “an ongoing genocide”.


A delegation from ERC travelled to Bangladesh in February to visit Rohingya refugee community. ERC spoke to Rohingya refugees about the International Criminal Court (ICC), fears of premature repatriation, and relocation to Bashan Char island.


Our main objective was to see if the community is getting adequate support since the mass exodus which took place in August 2017, where more than 725,000 Rohingya were forcefully expelled into Bangladesh. The ERC delegation focused on some of the very important pressing issues in the camps.


On this important trip, we were joined by Fortify Rights. We thank the team from Fortify Rights for their support marking this trip a success. ERC would also like to thank Government of Bangladesh for sheltering more than one million Rohingya refugees from Myanmar and for their ongoing humanitarian support.


We call on Bangladesh to continue to provide protection to our Rohingya refugee community. ERC also calls on Bangladesh to continue to work with the ICC as they work to prosecute senior Myanmar Military officials for genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity against the Rohingya people.


ERC delegates spoke to local NGOs, survivors of the genocide and registered refugees living in Bangladesh since 1991. We were able to talk to community leaders, religious scholars and local Bangladeshi. ERC will be publishing a report based on the field trip, and individual and group interviews in the camp.


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THE EUROPEAN ROHINGYA COUNCIL [ERC] is an Amsterdam based European umbrella organisation in Europe.