Rohingya Community Worldwide Welcomes the Positive Steps Towards Building the Democratic Society in Myanmar

Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU), the European Rohingya Council (ERC), and the Global Rohingya Centre (GRC) welcome the significant achievements by the people of Myanmar during their quest for transition to democracy. Despite a number of shortcomings and deficiencies in the process of the transition, the Rohingya community expresses its great appreciation for the change in the political landscape of Myanmar where human rights and dignity should be a top priority regardless of one’s race, ethnicity, and religious identity.

The plight of Rohingya people in Myanmar remains an important national and international issue. Despite a series of positive development in the political arena in Myanmar, the Rohingya political and human right issues evidently remain detached from the political transformation process in Myanmar. In fact, the situation faced by Rohingya people has further deteriorated in a number of townships in Arakan. The Myanmar BGP forces have reportedly stepped up its “Green card” scam to institutionalize the on-going human right violations. The BGP has also adopted a policy of exclusion of newborns from registering in the Rohingya household lists, and extensive deletion of the names of family members.

The gross human right violations committed by the Myanmar armed forces is an outright affront to the very values of democracy and the international law. We, the Rohingya community worldwide, call on the new Government of Myanmar to develop a strategic roadmap to find short and long-term solutions to the humanitarian, human right, and political issues faced by the Rohingya ethnic minority in Myanmar, and to bring peace, stability, and communal harmony in Arakan state.

Dr. Wakar Uddin     Khairul Amin     Abdullah Maruf
Director General        Chairman             Chairman
Arakan Rohingya Union    The European Rohingya Council Global Rohingya Centre
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THE EUROPEAN ROHINGYA COUNCIL [ERC] is an Amsterdam based European umbrella organisation in Europe.