Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day | 2019

  The Rohingya community commemorates those members of the community killed, attacked and displaced during the campaigns of genocide in Myanmar on August 25, 2017.   This is also a day of celebration of culture, recognition of Rohingya ethnicity and shared solidarity with the Rohingya community who have been living in Carlow since 2009.   […]

I Remember

  I Remember   Those fears of panic mid nights.. And the dread rhythm of gunshot tight I Remember   Those silence of bombed town.. And everything near it was gone.. And I was frightened and alone I Remember   Those rough barricaded doors of mysterious night.. To hide our brothers and sisters with might […]

Declaration of Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day: 25 August 2018

Declaration of Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day: 25 August 2018   1. We, The European Rohingya Council (ERC), support the inalienable right of Myanmar’s Rohingya ethnic minority group to self-identify as Rohingya. We acknowledge the ethnic group’s verifiable, pre-British colonial presence, history, identity and culture in Northern Araccan or Arakan,[i]which is now called Rakhine State in […]

The European Rohingya Council (ERC) is a non-governmental umbrella Rohingya organisation that strives to achieve community’s aspirations for the benefits of the Rohingya community in Arakan State, Burma (Myanmar) and Europe in particular and Rohingya around the world in general.

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