I Remember



I Remember


Those fears of panic mid nights..
And the dread rhythm of gunshot tight
I Remember


Those silence of bombed town..
And everything near it was gone..
And I was frightened and alone
I Remember


Those rough barricaded doors of mysterious night..
To hide our brothers and sisters with might
I Remember


Yells of my raped sisters and mothers..
With nothing in sight of elders..
Made me cried and fell in night long lathers
I Remember


Those faces of our mothers who send their sons to fight..
With big fears deep inside..
To hold our untold rights
I Remember


Those marks of revolt in our brother’s body..
Which the enemies left like holly
I Remember


Those silence tiredness of high hill passage..
And sufferance of time long voyage..
Left in my mind a message
I Remember


Those crying tears of orphan brothers and sisters
Who were forcefully crafted and intentionally bothered..
For me it’s a huge pester
And I Remember


And I was shattered and broken but I Remember.


And now, time to get in the game
time to choose a side
choose to do something
time to save life
And set a mind
We do not forget and we do not forgive.


a poem by AB Ahziz


THE EUROPEAN ROHINGYA COUNCIL [ERC] is an Amsterdam based European umbrella organisation in Europe. info@theerc.eu