I Remember



I Remember


Those fears of panic mid nights..
And the dread rhythm of gunshot tight
I Remember


Those silence of bombed town..
And everything near it was gone..
And I was frightened and alone
I Remember


Those rough barricaded doors of mysterious night..
To hide our brothers and sisters with might
I Remember


Yells of my raped sisters and mothers..
With nothing in sight of elders..
Made me cried and fell in night long lathers
I Remember


Those faces of our mothers who send their sons to fight..
With big fears deep inside..
To hold our untold rights
I Remember


Those marks of revolt in our brother’s body..
Which the enemies left like holly
I Remember


Those silence tiredness of high hill passage..
And sufferance of time long voyage..
Left in my mind a message
I Remember


Those crying tears of orphan brothers and sisters
Who were forcefully crafted and intentionally bothered..
For me it’s a huge pester
And I Remember


And I was shattered and broken but I Remember.


And now, time to get in the game
time to choose a side
choose to do something
time to save life
And set a mind
We do not forget and we do not forgive.


a poem by AB Ahziz


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The European Rohingya Council (ERC) is a non-governmental umbrella Rohingya organisation that strives to achieve community’s aspirations for the benefits of the Rohingya community in Arakan State, Burma (Myanmar) and Europe in particular and Rohingya around the world in general.

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