Thank you Senator McCain. We will never forget you.


Thank you Senator McCain.  We will never forget you.


As John McCain, US Senator and American War-Hero is being laid to rest yesterday in the U.S. Naval Academy cemetery, in Arlington, Virginian, we at the ERC must express our sincere voice of thanks to this man, who was so empathetic, compassionate and helpful for the plight of the Rohingya people.


Sen. McCain became a human rights champion after his own capture and torture at the hands of the Vietnamese soldiers during the Vietnam War. He personally experienced great human suffering at the hands of others and thus became a human rights advocate upon his return to USA, after 5 years of being a tortured prisoner of war.


We will miss his championing and advocating, for his mission that affected the ending of the suffering for the Rohingya people, in specific.  Please refer to these links to read more about his leadership within the American and world stage, for the Rohingya people.


We, at the ERC, will sorely miss his heart, soul and hard work.  Thank you Senator McCain.  We will never forget you.


Ardith Bell_Bshara

ERC ambassador in US




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