The Frankfurt Calls for International Justice for Myanmar’s Genocide



The Frankfurt Calls for International Justice for Myanmar’s Genocide against Rohingya and Protected Return to Protected Homeland in Northern Arakan, Myanmar


April 7, 2018; Frankfurt: The European Rohingya Call (ERC), Hand 4 Burma, Bondhon, scholars, activists, and participants of Frankfurt conference call for international justice for Myanmar’s genocide against Rohingya and a protected return to protected homeland in the ancestral land of Rohingya in Northern Arakan, Myanmar. International researchers, scholars, journalists, activists, Nobel Laureates and UN concluded that Myanmar has committed “Ethnic Cleansing”, “Crimes against Humanity” and “Genocide” against Rohingya people. Nearly one millions Rohingya were expelled by Myanmar military from their ancestral homeland. Myanmar has committed mass-rapes, mass-burning of homes and religious infrastructures, mass-killings, mass-detentions against Rohingya.


Therefore, we are calling international community to bring the perpetrators of genocide into international justice. We also call international community to ensure “A Protected Return to a Protected Homeland” in Northern Arakan, Myanmar.


We demand Myanmar government:


  • Reinstate Rohingya ethnicity and citizenship
  • Restore basic human rights such as freedom of movement, religion, educations and health care
  • Ensure Protected Return to our Protected Ancestral Homeland in Northern Arakan, Myanmar
  • Allow UN Fact Finding Mission
  • Allow International Media
  • Provide Safety and Security to our remaining Rohingya in the ancestral Homeland
  • Allow Rohingya from IDPs camps to return to the places of origin
  • Rebuild homes and religious infrastructure destroyed by Myanmar’s genocidal campaigns


For media contacts:


Dr. Hla Kyaw, Chairman



Dr. Ambia Perveen, Vice Chairman



The European Rohingya Council



THE EUROPEAN ROHINGYA COUNCIL [ERC] is an Amsterdam based European umbrella organisation in Europe.