70th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Rohingya




70th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Rohingya



Today is the 70th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the world is celebrating Human Rights Day. However, international community must not forget Myanmar’s Rohingya – living in Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Saudi Arabia, and in many other countries – who are denied their basic human rights.


Roughly a decade after the adoption of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Myanmar has started the project of Rohingya genocide. Since then we Rohingya are denied our basic human rights including the right to our very existence until the last phase of genocide in 2017 where nearly one million Rohingya are driven out of their homes to Bangladesh while committing atrocity crimes such as rapes, killings and tortures against Rohingya,” said Dr. Hla Kyaw, chairman of The European Rohingya Council (ERC).


ERC’s Head of Women and Children Affairs Dr. Anita Schug said, “Despite 70 years since the UN declared and adopted Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the recognition and protection of Rohingya remains a mare dream in Myanmar. The presence of nearly a million of Rohingya in the refugee camps of Bangladesh is a perfect example. Rohingya are deprived of citizenship and rendered stateless in Myanmar; and there has been persistent discrimination, hatred, and violence directed against the Rohingya in Myanmar. Myanmar has adopted discriminatory legislation amounting to apartheid in every sphere of life for the Rohingya minority.”


I am from Tulatoli and my wife belongs to south Chilkhali village located in Rathedaung Township of Arakan Burma. Both villages were most effected and totally destroyed. At least 850 Rohingya including women, elderly and newborn babies were massacred. Thirty of the victims are my close relatives,” said Mr. Abul Kalam, ERC’s Representative for Sweden and chairman of Swedish Rohingya Association (SRA).


The Vice-Chair of ERC Dr. Ambia Parveen emphasized, “The only way to stop the ongoing genocide and future atrocities against Rohingya and other minorities is to bring General Aung Ming Hla and others responsible to International Criminal Court. There must be an end on impunity.”


Finally, ERC calls on international community to show solidarity towards Rohingya and end ‘decades long genocidal sufferings with no basic human rights’.


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Dr. Hla Kyaw

Chairman of ERC



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ERC Press Release 20181210_Human Rights Day


THE EUROPEAN ROHINGYA COUNCIL [ERC] is an Amsterdam based European umbrella organisation in Europe. info@theerc.eu