Annual Conference of The European Rohingya (ERC)


ERC Invitationfinal

We have the pleasure to invite you to the Annual Conference of The European Rohingya (ERC) on behalf of the organisation. I am also pleased to inform you that the delegates in the conference will elect the council and different secretariats.

It ‘s the fact that the ERC has been formed by the most of the Rohingyas youths from different parts of the Europe on the 7th of October 2012 in Denmark and It becomes a legitimate non-profit organization on 11th December 2012 in the Netherlands. Its primary objective is to find a durable solution for the problems faced by the Rohingya both at home and abroad. Since then its council members have been working very hard to reach its aims and objectives.

The ERC will be holding aforementioned Annual Conference on 7th and 8th of February 2015 in Norway and as per its constitution, past annual activity report will be presented and an important road map and plan will be drawn up.

The ERC therefore warmly invites all the Rohingya brothers and sisters in Europe to take part in its Annual Conference to share their valuable views and ideas that can help reduce the sufferings of the Rohingyas at large and shape the destiny of the organization.

Kindly respond to this invitation before January 20, 2015 to secure a place before attendance is open to the public by February 7, 2014.

We will ever remain thankful of your participation and contribution.


THE EUROPEAN ROHINGYA COUNCIL [ERC] is an Amsterdam based European umbrella organisation in Europe.

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