Burmese president meets Rohingya and Rakhine in Maungdaw


Published on Tuesday, 01 October 2013 21:40 | Written by Kaladan News

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burmese president Thein Sein Had met with Rohingya community and Rakhine community together in Maungdaw district office hall today at about 2:30 pm, said a participant who didn’t want to say his name.

“The president met 20 persons from each groups, but one Rohingya who name was different within list, was not allowed to participate the meet. So Rohingya has only 19.”

The President arrived at meeting hall at 2:30pm where he didn’t sit on his chair, but went to middle of the participants. The Two community were sitting face to face and the president entered to the middle of two community and talked to the participants while standing, the participant said.

“The president asked both community – Rakhine and Muslim – to work together and want promise from both side. The both community gave promise to the president as they will work together.”

The president Thein Sein asked Rohingya community to ask any which they want to say.

There are around 300 students who are not able to study their higher education since 2012 June, will you give us advice for these Rohingya students, how they can able their higher education, asked U Jangir (alias) U Aung Myo Min – 2010 elected candidate of Regional and State Parliament from Maungdaw, Arakan State.

The President reply to the Rohingya, if both community work together, everything will come same as before. So, I need both of you to work together and hope you will keep your promise.

We are facing so many problems from inside Burma and outside Burma for IDPs which established since 2012 June, still we have to feed them every day and need settlers for them. Our government need to see it is possible for you to work together. Now I get promise from you and hope you will keep it as long as you can.

The president is asking only promise, not giving us any hope for future of our life security, property and social. But, still Rakhine are killing and burning Muslim houses and destroying business in Sandoway since last three days, said a politician from Maungdaw.

The president come to our town now is late, he must come earlier while the people are killing and his security force are not protecting –before and still now- Muslim, not change that he used us Muslim not Bengali, the politician said.

The president talked most of the time to Rohingya participants, which may be show to international communities that he is working with Rohingya community to settle the conflict, the politician more added.

The Rakhine community requested to president about the road of Maungdaw district which was damage badly and need to repair.

The participants of Rohingya in the meeting are:- U Jangir (alias) U Aung Myo Min, Dr. Nawzumudin, Younous, admin officer from block 5, Basie, elder from block 5, Yousuf, admin officer from block 2,Kawbir, elder from block 2, Kamal, elder from Block 2,Abdul Rahaman, admin officer from Myoma Kayoungdan, Kamal Husson, admin officer from Purwet Chaung, Zawkawria, admin officer from  Kyikanpin,Assadullah, admin officer from Aytahliya and etc..


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