ERC Highlighted Rohingya Plight at Annual Conference of STP


On 12th and 13th October 2013, Society for Threatened Peoples, STP’s annual conference was held grandly and ERC delegation led by Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim  was invited to share with STP the long discrimination against the Rohingya Muslims of western Burma including other ethnic Muslims  and other ethnic minorities i.e. Kachin, Karen, Shan, and so on.

STP is an international human rights organization which campaigns with and on behalf of threatened and persecuted ethnic and religious minorities, nationalities and indigenous peoples.ERC Gotting 3

The great personalities of the STP delivered their priceless forceful addresses and in particular discussed for the persecuted victims worldwide. The high profile activists of the STP expressed their deeply concerns for the increasingly discrimination against the Rohingya Muslims and the rest ethnic minorities amidst the ongoing fragile reforms of Burma.

With extremely tragedy, they expressed that it is an incomplete or fragile democracy of Burma without Rohingya and the rest ethnic minorities’ engagement or equality. They stressed to campaign and work with relentless efforts to restore the deprived fundamental rights of Rohingya and the rest ones.

Then, workshops for respective threatened peoples were set up and ERC delegation led by Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim was granted to be speaker for workshop on behalf of Rohingya and other ethnic minorities of Burma.

The distinguished ERC delegation highlighted concerning the Rohingya genocide and oppression against other ethnic minorities since 1978; pleaded to STP for scrutinous observation to expose the several crimes against humanity in western Burma and hidden genocide against Rohingya by Burmese genocidal regime led by pseudo quasi-civilian president Thein Sein and to urge world vetoes to make the regime  postpone the ongoing strife throughout the state and to rectify the dictatorial constitutions as soon as possible.

As well as, a short hidden genocide video footage of Rohingya was presented.ERC Gotting

Eventually, the high profile members of the STP expressed that they are deadly worried for not arrival or exposure the accurate ground reports of the current victimized situation of the respective minorities including Rohingya unto them instantly.

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THE EUROPEAN ROHINGYA COUNCIL [ERC] is an Amsterdam based European umbrella organisation in Europe.

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