ERC Media and Information Secretary met with London’s Green Party MEP at EU parliament Strasebourg


 January 17, 2014 The media and information secretary of European Rohingya Council Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim met with London’s Green Party MEP Mrs. Jean Lambert and head of Asia team (Society for Threatened People, STP) Mr. Ulrich Delius at European Parliament Strasebourg.

H.E. Mr. Ulrich Delius highlighted one thing that is most crucial for Rohingya at this present time, as follows. The upcoming Myanmar census 2014 which would be carried out  from 30 March to 10 April will never be free and fair as the designated workers to accumulate data for precise census in northern Arakan state is almost all Rakhine but not Rohingya. It is the Rakhine who denies absolutely the existence of Rohingya in Arakan more hatefully than the Buddhist majority Burmese regime. The former dictatorial rulers put Islamophobia mindset to almost every Rakhine so it is out of imagination to predict or to think that the precise total population of Rohingya will be emerged in Myanmar census 2014.

The current ruling Burmese quasi-civilian regime led by President Thein Sein and the Rakhine extremists are heavily working hard to eliminate the Rohingya from upcoming census. UN or EU must send independent organizations including journalists in Rohingya quarters to monitoring the situation. It is very inevitable to raise the concerned voice from European Parliament to demand Burma to appoint Rohingya workers to accumulate the precise data of Rohingya population in upcoming Myanmar census 2014, he added finally.

ERC Mohamed Ibrahim and Geren Party MEP Jean Lambert at EU Parliament
ERC Mohamed Ibrahim and Geren Party MEP Jean Lambert at EU Parliament

Mohamed Ibrahim highlighted as follows.  Nobody knows what is actually happening against Rohingya in northern Arakan state or western Burma. The state backed strife is continually going on but the government is out of attention to bring the perpetrators in justice. It is terrible that those Rohingya who have lost homes and properties including family are imprisoned by alleged cases created by Rakhine authorities.

Concurrently, Rohingya face such inhumanely mistreatments—arbitrarily arrest, rape, sex-slaves in army camps, confined in squalid and concentrated camps where even food is contributed to them as dirty as used toilet tissue papers, detention under falsified cases, banned higher education, closed up Rohingya possessed markets, locked up Islamic schools by authorities, banned movement to the rest parts of Burma except three Rohingya populous townships of Arakan state, etc. The prime tool operated by state government to eradicate Rohingya and to make the whole Burma as Islam free zone, monk  Wirathu and Buddhist radicals are holding many Buddhist ceremonies that incite racism throughout the country, however, the regime is profoundly quiet to stop them from spreading religious hatred, added by Mohamed Ibrahim.

At last, H.E. Mr. Jean Lambert said that in fact the current situation of Rohingya will be discussed in next European parliament to bring a sustainable resolution for stateless Rohingya pressurizing the Burmese regime.


THE EUROPEAN ROHINGYA COUNCIL [ERC] is an Amsterdam based European umbrella organisation in Europe.

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