The Year 2020 will be in the history book for the tragedies that the world faced over the year. The COVID-19 pandemic is the darkness that engulfs every community and country, resulting in the destruction of economics, livelihoods and millions of lives across the world.

The Rohingya community too is affected and haunted by the deadly virus that ravages through the open-prison-like conditions of Rakhine State in Myanmar to the over-crowded refugee camps in neighbouring Bangladesh.

The Year 2020 is also the year when the perpetrators of genocide against Rohingya are being brought to the World Court (The International Court of Justice – ICJ) for the decades of systematic abuses, persecutions and atrocious crimes of genocide in Myanmar.

It is also the year when over a million of Rohingya survivors of the genocide are forced to wait once again for justice, accountability, rebuilding of destroyed homes, lives and families and the promise of “Never Again”.

The European Rohingya Council (ERC) and the Rohingya community from all over the world hope the Year 2021 brings an end to the pandemic, inspires to repair the broken economics, communities and families, and encourages the world leaders to stand up for underprivileged, impoverished, discriminated and persecuted communities in every corner of the earth.

The European Rohingya Council wishes you a prosperous, peaceful and healthy year.

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