Press Release: Targeting of Rohingya civilians by both Myanmar Military and Arakan Army (AA) must immediately stop


Targeting of Rohingya civilians by
both Myanmar Military and Arakan Army (AA) must immediately stop

Press Release | June 9, 2024

The European Rohingya Council (ERC) is deeply saddened and outraged by the crimes against humanity committed against the Rohingya people by Arakan Army (AA) and the Myanmar military alike.

On June 9, two Rohingya families in Habi Village (Hainr Fara), Maungdaw North, were attacked with drones by the Burmese Military Council. The AA militant group has deliberately positioned themselves in the village, in order to use the Rohingya civilians as human shields. The ruthless and heinous act of positioning has led to a military drone strike, causing fatalities and casualties among innocent Rohingya families.

We have also received reports that the militant group has abducted 27 Rohingyas from Taik Pet Taung village in Buthidaung on June 5 and 6, as well as two more from Sein Hnyin Pya village on June 6. Arakan Army is reportedly searching for more youths to abduct from these villages, further exacerbating the sufferings of the Rohingya community. In most of the cases abductees were either killed or forced-disappeared.

We, ERC, strongly condemn these abhorrent actions and demand the following:

  1. Immediate withdrawal of Arakan Army: The Arakan Army militant group must immediately cease using Rohingya villages as its strategic positions and stop the abduction of Rohingya youths. The use of innocent civilians as human shields is a gross violation of human rights and must be stopped at once.
  2. Cease bombing by Myanmar Military: The Burmese military must halt all bombings and drone attacks on Rohingya villages. Targeting areas with the known civilian populations is unacceptable and must end immediately to prevent further loss of innocent lives.
  3. International Intervention: We call upon the international community to take decisive action to stop the ongoing killings and violence against the Rohingya people. It is imperative that the global leaders and organizations intervene to ensure the safety and protection of the Rohingya population in the Arakan region.

The continuous targeting of the Rohingya community is an affront to humanity and must be addressed with urgency. The ERC urges all parties to respect human rights and the international humanitarian law that guarantee the safety and dignity of the Rohingya people.

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