Rohingya Women’s Leadership Training


Rohingya Women Empowering Themselves for the Future of the Community and the World

On August 3, Rohingya Action Ireland, the European Rohingya Council and Carlow Development Partnership joinly host the first ever Rohingya women’s leadership training in Europe.

Rohingya women and girls from Ireland will participate in the day-long workshop which covers various topics such as Irish History, Culture and Identity, Rohingya History, Culture and Identity, Gender Equality, Human rights and Politics, Environmental sustainability, Community development, Advocacy and self-advocacy, Project management, and Computer and English literacy.

The workshop will be coordinated by two prominent Rohingya doctors and activists – Dr. Ambia Perveen and Dr. Anita Schug at An Gairdín Beo – “the Living Garden for Carlow”.

Both Rohingya sisters who now live in Germany and Switzerland practising Paediatrics and Child Psychiatrics, and Neurosurgery respectively, were born in Mynamar and forced to flee the country in their childhood seeking sanctuary elsewhere.


They are considered among the first Rohingya women to lead a major Rohingya organisation. At the European Rohingya Council, Dr. Ambia serves as vice-chairperson while Dr. Anita leads Women and Children Affairs department. They have also co-founded the first Rohingya medical organisation – Rohingya Medics Organisation – to deliver healthcare, train healthcare professionals, and create awareness and preventive measures on healthcare crisis that the community faces in Bangladesh refugee camps and inside Myanmar.

Both have reached to the pannicle of their professional careers and lead the community by their examples of importance of women empowerment and leadership.


The workshop aims to take the opportunities granted to the resettled community by their new home, local communities and organisations, and build the next generation Rohingya women leaders who can lead inclusion, development and empowerment of their community, and strive for Rohingya human rights on the international platform.




THE EUROPEAN ROHINGYA COUNCIL [ERC] is an Amsterdam based European umbrella organisation in Europe.